We partner with you to create and deliver the best possible learning solution for your students and instructors.


Struggle Analysis
Students lead complex lives and sometimes those complications interfere with their ability to perform. Struggle analytics give teachers insight into the otherwise talented people whose lives are temporarily distracting them from success.

Multiple content sources
amplifire is a partner with Pearson education and has course content in business, sciences and other general education courses. We can also work with Open Education Resources or any campus created learning resources.

Curriculum and Content Creation Services
amplifire can provide training for your instructional designers or instructors on how to create robust content in amplifire, or we can create courses or full curriculums for you.

Ongoing content analysis
To keep your courses fine tuned, we can provide analytics to help you make your courses more effective by analyzing student data.

Implementation support
Training for your instructors or curriculum coordinators on using amplifire to complement other learning tools in various programs from developmental to STEM to general education and gateway courses.

Data Services
We will train your faculty on how best to use our student data to target higher retention rates. We can also customize our data sets based on the needs of your institution.

We can integrate into any Learning Management System using LTI.

Branding and Customization
Institutions can brand their content and the amplifire platform with logos and custom messaging.

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