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amplifire is the learning platform used by organizations dedicated to exceptional student results

My experience with amplifire has been nothing short of miraculous. I was incredibly surprised to find that not only was it able to catapult our program to an entirely new level, but it also took a lot of pressure off me. For the first time ever, I’m actually able to guarantee that the people who come to us to learn, understand our concepts and that they’ve mastered them to a percentage of up to 95%.

—Instructor, International Learning & Conservation Organization

“We were drawn to Knowledge Factor’s amplifire technology for several reasons. It provides students with a tool that is engaging, has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, and fosters retention of content and concepts by employing some advanced learning science techniques. The mobile app was especially appealing because it gives today’s on-the-go students more opportunities to practice; and there is no getting around the power of practice.”

—Paul Corey, Pearson, President of Science, Business & Technology

“Retention rates among peace officers after 12 months jumped from 30% to 80% after using amplifire.”

—Law Enforcement Academy Professor, Arapaho Community College

“With amplifire, the BARBRI future looks bright. It has given us the ability to go into a law school and say ‘we can be more than a bar review course… we can be a trusted partner from the first day of law school through the last day of the bar exam.’ Our competitors have no answer.”

—Mike Sims, CEO, BARBRI

“My students who used amplifire were more than twice as likely to get an A than a B”

—Professor Rebecca Sinclair, Community College of Baltimore County

“amplifire enables me to have more in-depth discussions with my students because I can look at the grades and see how well they understood the material beforehand. My students are up to speed and ready to talk when they get into my class.”

—Terry Austin, A&P Temple College

“Within the first month it became obvious that those who had completed the amplifire modules were doing significantly better on the quizzes so I really started pushing them to start their work on a chapter by completing amplifire. At the start they really grumbled but by a few weeks in they loved them.”

—Beth Valicenti, Accounting Instructor at Community College of Beaver County

“They work great! I actually use them in place of quizzes. The students seem to like them more and there has been fewer instances of cheating.”

—Julia Fullick, Management Instructor at Quinnipiac University

“I assign amplifire as online practice. I can tell my students like using them because they don’t complain about having to do them!”

—Bill Perfit, Economics Instructor at Suffolk County Community College

“We have experienced extraordinary results from incorporating amplifire into our curriculum… Thousands of students every year fail the bar exam by 2, 3, 4 or 5 points, we’re talking about making a tremendous difference in the professional lives of thousands of young people each year.”

—Mike Sims, CEO BARBRI

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