Better retention rates through curriculum innovation and student analytics

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ASU + GSV Summit

May 8-10, 2017 | Salt Lake City, Utah

Join us at ASU-GSV for an adaptive elearning demo and learn more about the amplifire cognitive science difference. Meet Charles Smith, founder and Chief Research Officer, Greg Simmons, SVP, and Stacy Steiner, Director. To arrange a personal consultation, contact us.

Three strategic issues affect institutional success in this rapidly changing world

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Curriculum Innovation

As the world moves rapidly to digital, you need curriculum that’s active, adaptive, and addictive.

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Student Retention

Before students fail and drop out, there’s now a way to see in detail who is at risk and what topics are causing them struggle.


Cost efficiency and exceptional student outcomes are the twin goals that define value.

The AMP Process is built on science

Research shows that students suffer under a variety of cognitive illusions about how best to learn. They have faulty models of the brain as a recoding device. They use instinct, heuristics, and folklore when studying. But science has always shown what works and what doesn’t. amplifire is packed with triggers from cognitive science that switch on student learning, and with visual analytics that provide instructor guidance.

Triggers That Engage

  • Metacognition
  • Uncertainty
  • Variable Reward
  • Priming

Reports That Guide

  • Students who struggle
  • Students who thrive
  • Content that’s learned
  • Content that’s difficult
  • Participation

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Triggers For Memory

  • Retrieval
  • Spacing
  • Interleaving
  • Feedback

Refreshers That Adapt

  • Personalized to each student
  • Email reminders
  • Overcome regression

Quickly see where students need help

Here is a struggle heatmap for 2,207 students studying a chapter on energy and enzymes in biological systems. The majority of students are thriving in amplifire (grey and blue cells), but the detailed view shows the 220 students who are not learning the concepts (yellow, red, purple). They are likely distracted by a barrage of entertainment and social media, thereby jeopardizing their future success. amplifire give instructors detailed reports that show who is struggling and on precisely which topics. Guiding students and keeping them engaged has never been faster or easier.

Proven through 700 million learner interactions

Here are more than 25,000 students attempting to demonstrate mastery on a high stakes examination of their knowledge. They have used a variety of learning techniques in preparation—from the classic classroom to online study. One system seems to work best.

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